Revolutionary Blood Diagnostics via a Pin Prick

Revolutionary Blood Diagnostics via a Pin Prick

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Elizabeth Holmes founded her revolutionary blood diagnostics company, Theranos, when she was 19. It’s now worth more than $9 billion, and poised to change health care.

Ground breaking strides are being made in the blood testing arena. Not only can tests require just a pinprick, but cost fractions of what normal lab rates are today. If you read nothing else today, read this. Everyone needs blood work at some point in their lives.


elizabeth-holmesThe fact that Theranos’s technology uses such microscopic amounts of blood should eventually allow physicians far greater latitude when ordering so-called reflex tests than they have previously enjoyed. With reflex testing, the physician specifies that if a certain test comes up abnormal, the lab should immediately perform follow-up tests on the same sample to pinpoint the cause of the abnormality. Reflex testing saves patients the time, inconvenience, cost, and pain of return doctor visits and additional blood draws.

“We’re building an early-detection system,” Elizabeth Holmes, CEO and founder, explains. “I genuinely don’t believe anything else matters more than when you love someone so much and you have to say goodbye too soon. I deeply believe it has to be a basic human right for everybody to have access to the kind of testing infrastructure that can tell you about these conditions in time for you to do something about it. So that’s what we’re building.”

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